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Welcome to my newest obsession!  Before the movie came I was not too sure of how I would react to it, I've been a Tolkien fan for ages now! But I fell in love with it! Fellowship of the Ring is fabulous even in its flaws!:)

Scroll down to find pictures, fiction, random thoughts and whines, a pic gallery, a shrine to a beloved elf, a special page to the girls and what they think about their boys and a great carved picture made by Gimli!;)

Fan Art

The art work you will find here is the result of many lovely fics from other authors who gave me delightful ideas. So, these drawings are my gifts to them. Click on the box and check out my art.


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My fave pairings

My favorite pairings? Frodo and Sam always melt my heart!:) But I also love to read (can't say write these days, the muse is not visiting!) Aragorn/Boromir, as well as Boromir/anyone!!! Merry and Pippin are sweet too and I would never leave them aside! And what to say about Legolas and Gimli? They are made for each other! This is my very sacred couple! Haldir/Celeborn is my matter of lust! Oh... and Elrohir and Elladan... They are my twist from the righteous path! ;D

               Hmmm...those smiles...oh love!! 

 Hiding from men in battle!!!        . 


The fanfiction

hmm...until now there are only these little ones...hoping the muse pays a visit...

Desolation (Sam is keeping vigil- PG 13)

Sweet dreams my love... (art by me!)

The Gift  (Frodo is babysitting!- PG)

The girl of mine (Sam's thoughts about  Elanor and Frodo- PG 13)

The mighty warrior (an attempt in humor, Deanna's fault!! B/A, F/S, PG-13)

Until Tomorrow ( Frodo makes a decision and Sam must make a choice, AU, F/S , NC-17)

The child  ( Gimli has been unfaithful. Poor  Legolas! PARODY! PG-!3! MPREG indeed!! You are WARNED!)

Benediction (Boromir hurts. Celeborn comforts. PG-13) 

Ponytail (Elladan combs his brother's hair... WARN: twins intimacy ,R to be safe) 

Brother's affairs (fluffy silliness about two  young brothers - Bor/Far- in the woods. PG-13 )  

Silk on Furs (angsty little piece about a meeting by the fire; Bor/Far; R )



No...this pic has nothing to do with any of my stories! I just like it!;D

Photo Gallery

Click on the picture to see more!

A Shrine for the Glorious Elf

Glorfindel, my elvish obsession! His participation in the story arc of "Fellowship of the Ring" is more than important, he was the one elf who really supported Frodo in his first physical torment. He was the one who came as a white dream, a healing blessing! 

He is fair, he is golden, he is beautiful, he is Elrond's right arm, he is not in the movie!

Here are some fan art made in his honor! You will find links to places where he is adored too! Click on the eye (drawn by myself!) to see how our artists imagine this great character! 

Sharp Girls Talk

Here you will find our girls having special thoughts about their traveling and fighting boys. What they say, think or do about them! This page was inspired on a very clever fic by Beryll and Osiris, who allowed me to post it in here! 

Click on the pic to enter!

What Elf Lord are you?

I am Celeborn, King of Lothlorien. During the War of the Ring, I succeeded in leading my forces in the conquest of Dol Guldur. People say I'm just Galadriel's pretty-trophy husband, but REALLY I'm the strong-and-silent type. In the movie, I'm played by Marton Csokas.

Click on Celeborn's picture to find out who you are!


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To find links related to ALL ELVISH MATTERS go to my Glorfindel's Shrine!

A japanese site written in japanese ideograms. But the art is very beautiful! Click on the blue squares and enjoy it!

O is my favorite artist for ever! Go to her place and delight your eyes!

The home of the sweetest story ever told about Merry and Pippin!!

Deanna's LOTR archive! Great place! Wonderful stories and art!!:)


Bit of Earth Banner #1

Where the worshipers of Sam/Sean meet!!  Fics, art, discussion, shop., etc..

Fics, fics!! The more the merrier!!

It is getting bigger and better by day! Great archive of  fics and now art too!! All pairings!!


Please be aware that this place is brand new and that it will improve! At least I hope! Your feedback and contribution is the most welcome thing!

This portrait of Emerald was carved by Gimli himself!

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