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Sharp Girls Talk Show






"Hello my friends! This is EvenStar speaking to your delight and happiness! Be welcome to our Sharp Girls meeting. Here, we are allowed to discuss our boyfriends, husbands, fiances, close friends, everyone you want, behaviours! "

"C'mon girls! Please have a sit, be confortable and enjoy!! Share with us that little awkward feeling which threatens to come in your guts everytime our beloveds excuse themselves to go hunting, fighting evil, growing tomatos (outside your own garden!) or just teaching young elves how to sculp spiral ladders in high trees in the next forest! (Don't look at me like this Galadriel darling!!You know i love grampa!"

"Oh well...just to break the ice, since all of you suddenly seem very shy, I'll begin our meeting by telling you about a very  curious stitching session  spent with lovely Éowyn, present here today. Will you help me telling them our very particular conversation honey? The one which lead us here today and that we both ended calling :

The rabbit thing

(Beryll and Osiris, slash+humour, Pg-13)

( lovely artwork by Nancy- write her: )

"So... girls, who is next? C'mon! I'm sure all of you have something spicy to share...Pour it out!! Don't be coy! I'm sure you will feel much better!"


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