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Glorfindel's Shrine

by Emerald

Welcome to the home of  the most rare and precious kind of art in the net. The kind that honor a magnificent character created by Tolkien: the elf lord Glorfindel.

Please take your time to appreciate these fine works and  then send your comments to their owners! I'm sure they will be very happy!

The fan art for the Golden one!

Claudio's Art


Go at:  to enjoy more of his elven works.

Nancy's Art

Please tell Nancy what you think of her work!

Emerald's photo manipulations and art!

If the man behind the colors is somehow known to you...yeah! That's him!! These looks were, for many years, how I imagined Glorfindel. Then, as time goes by I started to imagine other faces. But here is it once more!!Put the blame on lovely Euryale, who brought back  sweet old memories! Hug you honey!!


Glorfindel and Elhoir. Inspired by Sweet Celebrian's fic,"Falling into Temptation"!

For now these are the only pictures of him that I have! <mourning...> But I hope to find more and be able to add them to my collection! If you are (or want to become one!!) artist, if you are a fan of Glorfindel, if you have ANY thing you would like to post or make some publicity of,  please send it to me!! All credits will be given!

Amazing classic art

Click on the picture to see all its glory!

If you look for more Elf Lords go here:


Beautiful, lovely, funny and sexy stories by Celebrian, featuring Glorfy, The El Twins, Elrond and Erestor in the Yahoo Group!!


You can visit her brand new place! 

Claudio's amazing and delectable site! Especially for Elves lovers!

I've never laughed so much... this place rocks!!

Lots of  stories, every elven pairing you can imagine!

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