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By Emerald


The slightest brush of his hand on mine, as he took what I could offer him and I can barely contain myself. A brief smile while dinner was served, if that could be called dinner! Just an old bread and some dried fruits. I wish I could cook him a feast, fill him with joy, amusement and sweetness once more. But hope is getting thinner by the hour and the smile, that right now never reaches his eyes, pierces my heart, destroying my soul.

The darkest clouds in the universe are closing the sky, in a preview of an endless night. He shivers and stretches his arms at my direction. He is so tired and lonely. His breath come in cut gasps, it is the golden weight lying on his breast. Itís killing him! It can not be! I can not allow it!

I stead my own hands and close them on his shoulders, bringing him to me, to nest his head on my chest, to involve his light body in the circle of my arms.

His eyelids shut heavily. My fingers cross his delicate, too pale features. I whisper a prayer to whatever deity available to listen to me: ďDonít let him be parted from me. Donít let me be parted from him.Ē

I can not shed anymore tears, my body is dry, exhausted, powerless it seems. Nonetheless, I find an inner strength, a fire within that spreads through my limbs, infusing me with odd confidence.

I tighten my embrace around my only love, certain that I shall not let him down. Brushing my thirsty lips on his cold forehead, as softly as I can so I wonít wake him up, I vainly hope that sunny and blessed dreams will grace his sleep.

For me, I will keep my vigil.

The End.

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