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For Laura... who crowned me Official Slash Cheerleader! Me and my pom-pons and tiny skirt!:D

Pic 8

Exotic dancers on the road!! Just a bit of humour!! Dear Unbegrenzt's fault!!!;D

Pic 7

Turin crying for Beleg's death. Inspired by great Amy Fortuna's amazing fic "Guilt-Stricken, Sobbing". I really wish there was more of them around...

Pic 6

Faramir cries the loss of his brother by the Anduin. Boromir's ghost tries to soothe his broken heart. For everyone who ventured into this pairing.

Pic 5

This is my first attempt in digital coloring! It is quite fine I think! It was inspired by Athea's wonderful epic fic New Beginnings. Oh, and the result of a starving fic reader! 

Meriadoc wants some sugar. And Peregrin is the cook! hhmmmm...

Pic 4

I really hope that things will not come to this in Honesty's "Parental Consent". A great fic !



Pic 3

Also inspired by Unbegrenzt series, but another chapter. Merry and Pippin. I'm afraid this Pip of mine is much younger looking than the one in the story. But Pip is petit in my mind since ever, no matter how much Ent drink he had!


Pic 2

This one was inspired by Unbegrenzt's  series "Afterthoughts". Frodo and Merry in a discovery moment. I wished I could draw the bodies but it was impossible! But I'm trying!! ;D


Pic 1

A very simple drawing inspired by and dedicated to Daisy Gamgee. Her story "The history of Us" is a dream of a fanfic reader!


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