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By Emerald


Brief note! This ficlet was beta-ed by Bralla Queen! Thank you darling!


Green. Blue. Silver. 
The sacred place shone with pale colors before his eyes. The dense, perfect forest sang its own melody during the early morning's hours, a lullaby to the ones who were tired after a long journey… But not for him.

His heart was sinking under a sea of despair, fear and hopelessness. He wondered in the midst of the ancient trees, looking for some kind of comfort, stability, and strength. He searched for those feelings in his closer companion, but the other man was not able to help, having his own doubts to worry about..

So he walked, lost in thoughts and wishes that nothing like powerful rings and dark lords ever existed. His own fate mercilessly shown by the beautiful Elf Lady who spoke only the truth… He'd felt the taste of his own doom.

It would be better to get lost in these magical woods and never face temptation again. He would be lost, he would become invisible to the world. He would not hurt anyone. He would not raise any suspicion. He would keep his honor intact. He would be proud of himself…

He fell down on the humid ground, sensing the fresh dew all over the fallen leaves around him, listening to the endless course of the river so close to his refuge. But no matter how much beauty surrounded him, his heart and soul were broken in infinite pieces.

His head was heavy, too heavy for his neck to support its weight. Bending a leg, he allowed his forehead to roll on a knee. A hand grabbing his shoulder, the other laying on his chest…

And for the second time that same night he cried. Tears rolled down his cheeks, silent streams of frustration, sadness and defeat. He mourned his own fall from grace. There was nothing, no one in the world capable of rescuing him now.

"Do not think like this, brave son of Gondor." 

The calm, steady voice startled him, making his eyes open to look into clear blue stars right in front of his face. He trembled as he noticed who was standing inches apart from him. He tried to recoil, but those blue eyes held his gaze as if in a sorcery spell! And even though the other's lips were unmoving, barely suggesting a most tender smile, he could still listen to the mellifluous words in his ears…

"Be not helpless. You were meant to be the one who brought many questions and odd feelings to the quest. You are not unloved. You will never be such a thing. Your honor will be kept safe and those who will live in the future will sing your valiant deeds."

He gasped after the words silenced. He shook his head and sighed trying to understand what was happening.

"I am sorry My Lord, but you, more than anyone, must know I have failed. That ruin lies above my people's land… And myself…" Another couple of tears escaped his eyes.

"You are too much tired young one… You should be resting." The Elf Lord gently ran a fingertip under the sorrowful man's eyelashes, drying his face and stopping the salty flow. With a featherlike touch, he laid the palm of a hand over the human's eyes, making them dreamy and sleepy, closing the lids with care. His arm caught the strong body, holding it with ease and tenderness.

For long minutes Celeborn stared at the relaxed face of the unconscious man in his embrace. He drew a deep breath as he knew he could not prevent the sorrows this unfortunate being would experience. But he could at least make the weeping heart rest for a little time. 

Cradling Boromir's head with one hand, he leaned down and very softly bestowed a long blessing kiss in the warrior's lips. He wished for that in the man's final living moment he would find the truth in his heart and the love before his eyes, and that from his mouth only brightness would surge.

Their lips parted and the powerful elf made one last prayer for the human soldier. The sun would rise very soon and he would protect the dreams of the one in his embrace till then.

***The End*** 


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