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The mighty warrior

By Emerald


Marching across alien lands, a brave warrior, sworn to protect and fight for his friends, felt the weight of the day on his tired muscular body. The fellowship to which he belonged had traveled many miles without rest, so their quest would be fulfilled in a small amount of time.

The night reached the skies and darkness fell around them like a blinding veil, the moonlight being their guide. And as sleep claimed exhausted travelers, our fearless warrior prepared himself for a well deserved break. He stretched his long, strong, masculine limbs over his cape that was laid on the forest ground. He adjusted his head on his bag, loosened some tunic buttons and found as much comfort as he could in the open wildness.

He was so tired, our hero, that all he desired the most was nice dreams after closing his eyes. And while a huge yawn intended to leave his mouth, he saw something moving, getting closer to him, next to his makeshift bed. He could not help but scream senseless, lost in terror and utter panic. He also could not prevent a very girlish whining from escaping his throat. And when a second fellow warrior came to his aid, a dark, tall, handsome and also so very brave man, sword ready to battle, eyes intent on any hidden danger around, his screams did not ceased for the one who came to his rescue joined shamelessly in his distress, adding his own cries and whimpers for help.

They continued the screaming and began jumping in each other’s laps until a very annoyed ring bearer hobbit came to the source of such a noise. Those humans were making this travel an impossible task. Every night was the same problem! What could it be tonight?

He came closer to the frightened and very comfortable looking huddled men perched on a high rock. He looked at the cape on the ground as the blonde warrior pointed him to. And so he saw the monster that stole his, and all the fellowship, rest that night: a cockroach! Innocently waggling its antennae, but otherwise quite motionless.

The  fury-eyed hobbit, perplexed with such a ridiculous reaction to a harmless creature, took the cape in his hands, waved it a bit in the air, thus making the poor bug leave and have its way. Two pairs of glittering eyes thanked him for his bravery and selfless heroic action.

He left the scene shaking his head in amusement. Readying himself once more to sleep, he felt two tender and strong arms encircling his waist and chest. A dreamy voice came from behind him. “What was it this time?” He smiled and answered, nesting in the loving arms. “A tiny, little bug…it is pathetic uh?” And the voice came again, “Playing girly and scared to get some tlc…” A kiss on his neck and he slowly replied, “Yes…if they only knew…everybody already got them!” Smelling his love’s hair he whispered, before finally sleeping, “ Poor human buggers…maybe we should talk to them…” An yawn, “Maybe…”

The End.

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