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The Child

By Emerald


Morning in the forest. Legolas Greenleaf Gloin  was setting a breakfast table for his love and faithful husband, when he heard a disgusting retching sound coming from their oak tree loft. Legolas rushed to his beloved side.

  “Oh beloved! Feeling sick again this week? Let me help you!” The young blond elf held and cuddled the sturdy and sweaty dwarf to his chest, waiting for his love's breath get normal.

  Gimli Gloin Greenleaf was blushing furiously while trying to find a way to tell his beloved the truth he have been hidding for a month. The whole, dirty, infamous truth… His voice was none close to his thunderous usual one as he spoke like a lost sheep!

  “You know, Legolas, we are built quite different in body…”

  “Yes! We are! But I don’t care beloved! This is the beauty of it all! And I don’t care!” Legolas kissed and hugged tightly Gimli.

  All that fuss did not help Gimli at all… He tried again. “Yes love, I don’t care either! Differences are spices for the souls. * Oh well, maybe too much spicy to burn one in doom* But you see… Heh…I have tried too much spice lately and…”

  “Are you tired of me, friend Gimli?” Legs leaned back and stared at the babbling dwarf.

 “NO! None of that! And shut up will you? Stiff neck elves and all!! What I am saying is that I have bodily functions that most males don’t have and…”

  Legolas cut Gim once more to snuggle into the red beard. Gimli wondered, annoyed a good deal, about this denial attitude. He had a need to cry and set free from the too much loving arms!

  “Silly elf! Stop it! And let ME speak!” Legolas looked at him with sweet and hurt puppy eyes. Hurt. That was even worse! * Stupid dwarf!* Gimli murmured to himself. And now he wanted to weep and let tears fall free. Oh shameful mood swings!! This situation was already too bad without them…

  “Sorry Legolas. But it is difficult!” Gimli breathed deeply and sputtered at once: “I-got-pregnant-with-child. But-I-am-sorry-it-is-not-yours.”

  Legolas’s face went from joy to utter sorrow and disappointment. “Not mine? So you are tired of me!! Boo hoo hoo!!!!!!!” He cried noisily, wiping his tears with his tunic’s hem, while he asked. “Who is the father then?”

  “Éomer. Heh…remember our scathing around Rohan fields? The one time you sent me away to… after the...”

  “Boo hoo hoo!!! Not mine!!! Boo hoo hoo!!!!” He kept crying ridiculously. Elves didn’t cry enough and when they did, sometimes it sounded pathetic!

  “I wish you would see it was before us! Us being settled!! And it was meaningless! More of a point of view proving! Problem was that I forgot I could…well, you know!!” Gimli was fidgeting with his sharp axe, very interested in its hold carvings. “Eomer knows about it, but will not help or assume. I can’t be a single father! Old Gloin will kill me for a second time! After coming to live with an elf, I end up betraying him! Double disgrace! Boo hoo hoo!!!” Gim sniffed and wept and sobbed “Would you adopt the child my love?”

  “Ooh the pain!! But I accept our sad fate and your child! Beloved Gimli! Your offspring will be cared as my own! And to prove my love for you both, allow me to name our kid!” Legolas eyes danced with high emotions.

  Gimli eyes went as wide as never before, almost popping out of their sockets. He knew Legolas’s dreams…oh he knew them well. Shudder! The name was worse than a curse!

  “These names I chose will unite our families Gimli! So, if it is a boy, he will be Gloinanduill. And if a girl, she will be Luthienóin! Oh the beauty of it!!” The excited elf sighed and almost floated in the air. Little pink hearts decorated his eyes.

  Gimli shook his head and run from his elevated crazy elf, into the safety of the forest, crying to any deity: WHY? WHY? Why, if he was male? WHY?* Wish never had crossed the path of crazy slasher Em!! Why?!!!*


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