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Silk on Furs

By Emerald

(Bor/Far; R; incst; angst)


Escaping from an unmerciful cold, I enter our hidden sanctuary.

My feet are silent, but my hope and longing are too loud inside. It has been too long since our last meeting and I can’t wait to hold him and look at his soulful eyes all night long.

So many battles lay between us… So much suffering… But now we are together again.

I search the darkened room with my eyes and follow the dim orange light coming from the next chamber.

Lit only by the firelight our secret place is graced by his presence. I feel lost, in love and in lust as I see him there: resting asleep in front of the fireplace, gloriously naked but for his fur and velvet cloak that is spread on the floor and softly cradles his body.

I approach him silently, kneeling by his side, trying to save this image of beauty forever in the back of my mind. His strawberry long hair shines, falling across his neck and shoulders in perfect coppery locks. The exposed skin has marks of late battles but still looks soft and as precious as fine silk, my most loved fabric, come as it may.

He is my forbidden and undeniable love, my madness, my lust, my sanity, my heart. My life. His breath comes out as a small sigh, leaving his rosy, tender lips; calling to me, inviting me to drink in it.

His handsome face looks troubled, as if in pain, even as he sleeps. I wonder which dreams plague his slumber now. Since the war is over and his prophetic, mysterious visions are all solved, he should be free of such worries. Beloved brother, what is it that ails you now?

I reach a hand to his brow, allowing my fingers to smooth his temples in slow circles. It pleases him, it seems, as another sigh is exhaled, only this time more contented.

His magnificent shape attracts me, unresisting of my touch, trusting. I take his trust as a signal to go on. My fingers and palms leave his face, sliding down his neck, across his shoulders, dancing on his arms, intertwining for a brief moment with his own slender hands.

I lay down my head on his chest, hearing his heartbeats. Strong, so much alive, so many possibilities… Reverently, I kiss the place above his pulsing core.

He stretches just a little bit and I continue kissing him. My mouth reaches a wakening nipple, attaches to it, adore it. I know how much he loves this kind of attention, licking, sucking, biting just a little and oh so gently…

His chest rising tells me to go on, further down, to pay attention to his navel with my lips, caressing his slim hips with my fevered hands. Still going down on him, delighting on the felling of strength and power his tights give me, I get close to an aroused sex, which will not be denied sweet release.

I dive in his perfume, masculine, sexual, familiar. The scent that made me feel safe and loved for so many nights before tonight. Oh Faramir, how I wish…

He shudders and moans enticingly as his pleasure reaches its highest moment. His pale, fine hands curl around the thick and soft fur of his cloak, clinging to it instead of me. His legs and back stretch in a beautiful reaction…

Oh love, open your eyes to me! How I wish to see myself again…

I stay by his side, almost curled on his cloak, waiting for the moment when his eyelids will open. I once more tenderly caress his hair, wondering at its color and silken texture.

His face turns towards the fire while one hand lies over his heart. He is trembling and breathing with difficulty… He is awake now. He keeps staring at the fire, but very slowly rises to sit up on his makeshift bed, embracing one bended up leg, resting his forehead on the knee.

I can see when a thick, crystal clear tear drops from his high cheekbone. Don’t cry lovely brother… Don’t cry lovely lover…

“Boromir… You are here, are you not?”

Yes, my love, I am here. I miss you so much. I am most happy to be here again. Seeing you, loving you… Feeling you… Making you feel me too… But how I wished to see your eyes, beloved!

He gathers his royal looking cloak around his shoulders and turns to my direction. What I see is a sight of hopelessness, mixed with longing and affection and eternal love. His flushed face reflects his release of flesh needs and pleasures, but also so many emotions tempered by sadness and loss… His eyes!

Please close your eyes again, fair Faramir…. I cannot stand the pain shinning in them. They should not be like this, by any mean!

His face falls down, just as another tear rolls from his eyelashes.

I approach him one last time and for the briefest of time I kiss his wet cheek.

I must go now, although he will always have me in him.

Cry no more loved Faramir…

So I leave him alone in the place that used to be our safe heaven. My ghostly body says good-bye to everything that really mattered in my previous life, vanishing more and more as I distance myself from my breathing half.


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