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By Emerald


NOTE: this fic was beta-ed by, oh so patient, Bralla Queen. All mistakes you might find here are mine! 

WARNING: By now you must know that this fic deals with incest themes, right?  And just to set you on fic time, they are pretty young, for elven lives! Let's say their ages are the equivalent  to 19/20 human years. Their youth and closeness will explain my UTTER lack of formality in speech. I wanted them like this!

GIFT: by the end of this fic, you will find a sweet pic of them...

It was late night in Imladris, the sky was clear and sparkling with infinite stars, the air was fresh and slightly cool.  The woods around the palace were illuminated by a silver full moon and the waterfalls looked like diamond showers.

All that natural beauty had called out to Elrohir’s young and romantic heart. After supper, he excused himself from the table, seeking for his horse and leaving for a lonely ride.

He had paced in calm first, but later he had ridden as fast as lightening, feeling one with nature, cherishing the moment.

Returning to his chambers, he decided to bathe, to clean his skin from sweat and horse’s odor, to wash his hair free of dust and fallen leaves, relaxing his muscles in warm and sweet scents.

He was pleased with himself as he dressed in a green robe, covering his still wet body, and went back to his bedroom to comb the dark mane of soaked hair.

Elrohir was surprised by a smooth voice that spoke while he searched for his comb on the dressing table.

“Looking for something?”

“Elladan! What are you doing here?”

“I came to help!” He smiled broadly, beckoning to his younger brother. “Sit down, I will fix your hair.”

“Thank you. I am too tired to fight all the tangles…” He sat on the soft mattress of his bed, crossing his legs and sensing the movements of his brother getting closer behind him. Gazing into the mirror on the wall, he could see their images lit by a single candle burning in the room, but mostly by the moonlight entering through the window. “I went for a ride earlier… It’s such a great night out there!”

“Yes, it is… And since you started these nightly promenades of yours, you can’t wake up in time to keep me company!” Elladan chided his sibling with a goodhearted yank of his hair.

“Ouch!” Elrohir screamed, trying to rub his scalp, but his tormentor was already there. “Sorry El…”

“No I am sorry.” He continued combing the dark hair carefully, separating locks, undoing tangles, running his fingers through the damp black silk. “It is long… So long…”

“It’s no longer than yours!” Elrohir turned around and reached for the other’s hair, showing him the same length of the strands. “See?”

Elladan was caught defenseless by their faces proximity; he thought that he could get lost into his brother’s eyes. “Ah…Yes, I see… Now, turn around so I can finish!”

Elrohir obeyed, reassuming his first sitting position, closing his eyes, allowing himself to be cared by loving hands. He was feeling a bit funny inside. Suddenly, Elladan’s presence was inducing new emotions to be born in his heart. But he would keep those sensations secret.

Meanwhile, Elladan was pulling all his hair to the top of his head, and with a separate lock, tied the rest of the long tresses that fell down over his neck, shoulders and back. He looked suspiciously at his image on the mirror. Elladan was laughing behind him.

“What is it? What have you done to my hair?” He asked angrily but intrigued.

“Oh! Nowadays, you have been so close to your mare, that I thought you two should wear the same fashion! It is a ponytail! You look good with it, though…” Elladan grinned openly, winking at his dumbfounded, somewhat hurt brother.

“Are you comparing me to a horse? You are mean, Elladan!” He looked at his hands resting on his lap, then raised them, wishing to undo the tail.

“No! No!” The older elf gripped Elrohir’s wrists, leading them back down again. “I am serious El… You do look good…” He run a fingertip on the exposed nape, making the other shiver and unconsciously lean back, almost touching his chest. Elladan could feel the perfume of that pale skin… “Are you using that scented oil I gave you on our birthday?”

“Yes. It makes me feel good.” Elrohir allowed the soft caresses of feathery fingertips, awakening his skin, making it very sensitive. Then, he let a sigh escape from his throat, as  velvety lips kissed the base of his neck, staying long there, before reaching for the tip of one of his ears. “Elladan…”

“Don’t deny me, beloved brother…” Elladan snaked an arm across the almost bare chest of his twin, puling open the heavy robe, revealing ivory skin. His hand found a hardened nipple, while the other still caressed the tempting neck. “You know that whatever happens in our lives, you will be the only one in my heart…”

“And you in mine…”

Elrohir’s voice was no more than a whisper. He felt the desire to turn and kiss those lips that worshiped him, but he also knew it was wrong, should never happen… Even though his strength was fading away… “You know… You understand we should not…”

“I can not let you go! We were made together! How can I be parted from you?” Elladan squeezed the other in his arms. “Face me! Look into my eyes! See my love for you!” He was almost crying.

Elrohir faced his brother, saw the love in there, but also saw himself, his own love reflected in the begging orbs. He saw they were made together, but still were forbidden to stay together… He wished they were not brothers… He trembled at such horrid thought, and leaned forward, resting his temple on Elladan’s. “I wished, for but a second, that you were not my twin brother, so I could take you, embrace you, love you with all my heart and soul…” He whispered quietly, slowly.

“Do not desert me.” Elladan pulled his face away, then turned to plea to shining gray jewels, a single tear escaping both right eyes. “Stay with me.”

“As long as forever lasts.” Elrohir dried the lone tear on his brother cheek and permitted them both one single pleasure. He kissed that beautiful, inviting mouth. First, a tentative touch, then a deeper contact, their tongues barely touching, but enough to make them moan. Too quickly for his own taste, Elrohir broke their link, smiling. He held Elladan’s hands, bringing the stunned elf to lay down closer to him. “Let’s rest now, beloved brother. Sleep will soothe our hearts, clear our minds…”

They fell asleep curling around each other, clinging to the warm safety of their arms.

It was late night in Imladris… All was quiet, beautiful and dream-like while a new and forbidden love was being born…

The end

And now... a scene taken before they went to sleep...

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