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Brother’s affairs

By Emerald  



A no-warning: there’s nothing to worry here, really! You only need to fear the twisted mind of this author! ACK!  

We were alone in the middle of a forest clearing…

It was his suggestion for us to come to this place: desert, quiet, private. Perfect for just the two of us.

My heart was beating faster than ever; my blood felt like a boiling river inside of me; my hands trembling in expectation.

My first time. With him.

After so many prohibitions; after so much censure from our father… We got tired of it all and left without warning.

So now I could feel his warm breath on my hair, his tender and calm words caressing my ears, his steady hands on my back, sliding through my arms, reaching for my fingers.

Our bodies were so close, tense, rigid and at the same time at ease, working in amazing synchronicity. It felt so good, so perfect.

He took my right hand, closed my fingers on the smooth, beautiful shaft he was holding. He told me to pull, hold on and then push…

Let it go, fly and reach the highest level…

What a heavenly pleasure as he embraced me closer, tighter than I ever thought possible.

I let my bow fall to the ground and looked at the shinning arrow piercing the highest tree branch, the one he pointed me to. I turned around in his embrace and smiled openly at him. I saw joy in his eyes.

My shooting lessons were improving!

The end.

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