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The first poem


“You?  Wrote a poem?!” Ezra couldn’t help himself but laughed mercilessly at Vin’s face.

This was not the response that  the younger man expected from his friend. Amusement, a little joke maybe, but not this cruel mocking. It was enough that he could not express his feelings by his own.

Desapointed Vin Tanner turned his back and stormed out the saloon. Mindlessly mounting his horse he rode to the edges of Four Corners untill he found a quite place to pound his emotions.

Doomed, that’s how he was feeling. He had this growing affection deep in his heart, this tenderness for someone who would embarass him in front of an entire crowded saloon. He never thought that Ezra would make fun of him.

He took a deep breath leaning back his head to look at the sky. It was so blue and clear, not quite his eyes that now shone with sadness. A light wind passed by him and took with it  loving words:

“Hunting around mountains and deserts I was,

Lost in my own solitude.

Surrounded by cold and emptiness,

Following a survival’s path.

To at least find hope and affection,

Friendship and  trusting companion

In deep dreamed emerald eyes.”


Singing to the wind and to the river his first poem Vin decided that it would never be heard by no one in the face of the Earth. So he got up, straightening his clothes, in a gesture so alike the gambler’s and went back to the town, wishing he could forget that burning feeling inside of him.


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