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Emerald's Mag 7 Stories



You got mail! (?/? you tell me who they are! PG-13 ATF)

The not so sure man (Vin/Ezra, PG)

One Shots

The first poem (Vin/Ezra, PG-13. My first M7 fic)

Old New Love (Nathan/Josiah, PG--13)

Dangerous Lace (Ezra/Vin, R)


Sombra de Ti

Sombra de Ti (Buck/Chris, C/f, B/?. R)

Past  Present  Future

Past (Chris/Buck, C/?, B/?. R ATF)

Answered Challenges

Absinth (Various! A night of fun where all dialogues are cannon! NC-17 ATF)

Blue Waves of Passion (Chris/Raphael, and fancy drink created for Deanna's Condo . Universe, R)

Birthdays Gifts

Kisses, caresses, hugs and happy birthdays (Ezra/Buck, Chris/Vin. R ATF)




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