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The Eye of Horus

By Emerald


It was close to sunrise and everybody in the peculiar flying boat seemed to still be in a deep slumber. The sky colors were beginning to change from the dark and cold blue to a warming mixture of orange and pink.


Ardeth, used to wake up  even before the sun, opened his eyelids to the new day. He looked at the translucent high dome that enclosed the planet Earth, the fading stars which blessed and witnessed his first encounter with his object of affection, the early golden rays that softly attempted to caress the face of the man resting on his shoulder. An unconscious sigh escaped from his lips and he tried to find a more comfortable position, one to prevent Jonathan to wake up with a stiff  neck.


While trying to make Jon lay across his lap, Ardeth noticed the subtle smile that was gracing the other manís face. He hoped that he was the reason for such an innocent display of pleasure. Not that his own thoughts were filled with such innocence! A bright, pearly grin opened the tattooed semblance. He had a few tempting ideas for a more peaceful time in their futures. But it was for later, not now.


The quiet hour, place and position they shared was too cozy for Ardeth resist dropping his head close to Jonís, kissing his lips and temple in feather like touches. His belovedís male scent filled his nostrils in a delicate arousing perfume.


Ardethís eyes closed once again, not to sleep this time, but to try to find Jonís heartbeat beneath his hand and fingers. The pulsating and flowing life was life a melody that Ardeth longed to hear for years of separation. They should never be apart again. Never.


The memory of Jonís plea last night, to not be left behind, pierced his soul. They were going right to the arms of  a monstrous danger, to find an almost certain death. How could he promise to never leave Jonathan? In his heart he had a bad feeling about their newest challenge of saving human kind. He felt like his own life was about to reach its ending very soon.


Thinking like that was a bad omen to Ardeth, so he concentrated on the peaceful expression on Jonathanís face, his gaze traveling, studying and carving in his mind all lines, curves, flats and round features. He noticed, not for the first time, that his feelings for the English man were only described as love, nothing else. It was not a silly infatuation, a teenager play, it was not just carnal and passionate lust. Love and tenderness had inhabited his body, mind and soul.


Then, doing the only thing that crossed his mind, the only way he would be able to protect Jon even in his own absence, Ardeth reached inside his dark clothes and carefully untied a thin leather strap from his waistband. A tiny silver object sparkled amongst his tanned long fingers.


He let his sight be held by the fine jewelry artifact . It was an ancient pendant, one that was given to him on his birth by his grandfather. A family luck charm, the Eye of Horus made of silver and onyx. This small but valuable gift had protected him during all his life. It was like a part of himself, one from which he was never separated before.


Ardeth ceremoniously kissed the pendant one last time, then retied it on Jonathanís clothes, in a hidden place where it would not attract anyoneís attentions, enemy or ally. While tying it he chanted a brief and loving spell in a Med-jai dialect. *Long life be with you. Be the gods with you. And your heart with me. Come back to my armsÖ*


When his magic was done and the pendant securely tied, his heart missed a beat  and  a tear threatened to escape from his eye. Taking a deep breath and deciding it was late enough to wake up Jonathan, he took the manís mouth into his burning lips. Seeing the crystalline blue eyes slowly open themselves, he smiled and murmured:

ďGood morning my love.Ē




Obs: In the ancient Egypt it was believed that the Eye of Horus was a luck charm with the power of protecting everything or everybody under its spell.

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