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By Emerald


Red and hot flames grew and licked the frigid, limpid air that inflated the huge navigating balloon. The calm and gentle rhythm brought by summer winds impulsionated the flying boat, and its passengers, to cut the egyptian night skies.


The full moon shone above them, while a myriad of stars made the deep blue curtain of the night sparkle with beautiful colors.


Jonathan watched as those cosmic lights rested and lit his sister’s pale face, her long hair, her hands surrounded by her husband bigger ones. Jon watched the couple trying to find their forces to go after their missing child. His sister wanted her baby back in her arms. He sighed with deep sadness, for that caring parents, for his dear nephew and for himself.


The scene that was taking live in front of his eyes, a loving couple embracing each other, seeking and finding simple comfort in the warmth of their limbs and lips, was one scene that Jonathan was sure he would never have for himself. He bit his lower lip and averted his eyes from those two people on the deck. They needed their privacy.


The silence of the moment pierced through his heart and he felt the dark and welcome presence that was calmly seated by his side. He missed this man more than he could admit. The first time they fought together, ten years ago, this man was so much more quiet and closed, his dark robes and delicate facial tattoos, the long, black, shimmering hair and that soothing rich voice turning him into a mistery and an invitation to long nights of fantasies never accomplished. The years had sculped the fine young arab features into a magnificent male beauty and Jonathan wished to be allowed to kiss those full lips and run his fingertips through the long ebony locks.


Ardeth was silently petting his sleepy falcon, Horus, and at the same time he knew that something was bothering the usually jovial english man by his side. The longing for Jonathan he had enclosed in his heart made him desire to wash away all the sorrows the man could have in his soul.


“What frightens you, my friend?” Ardeth’s low voice sounded like an  unexpected symphony to Jon’s ears. He turned to look at his curious company. What he saw was two scintillating black pools of tenderness and a very subtle smile gracing the handsome face. His heart missed a beat.


Touching Horus in a light stroke he regained his balance. Shaking his head a little, in a self mocking gesture, Jonathan answered, “Universe’s bad fate battles...loneliness.” The last word was nothing but a whisper to himself. Leaning back on the wall, resting his spinning head, he let his eyes close to daydream with the med-jai.


Seconds passed like an eternity in Jon’s mind. He kept his eyes shut after the shame of confessing to be weak and coward in the presence of this brave and fearless warrior. Now he would never have a chance with his walking dream...


Jonathan was almost falling asleep when flapping wings fanned cool air across his face. He looked up and saw Horus rising from his master’s strong arm, obediently flying away to another place to spend the night.


By the starlights Ardeth searched for his free hand, the one that was not holding the precious sceptre. The enigmatic man took the lean hand into one of his, enfolding it in a heat that soon spread to the rest of Jon’s body. With his other hand, the arab cupped his face in a gentle touch. He closed their distance, speaking in an  eye-to-eye level and a seductive tone.


“Your loneliness is not necessary Jonathan.” He teased the cold lips with his thumb, caressing and studying them, while waiting for a response from the another man. “We should have met much earlier.”


And, as Jonathan’s hand returned a strong grip, lacing their fingers in a tight hold, Ardeth bent forward and lovingly kissed his sexy english man’s mouth. Their kiss encreasing in desire and need, getting deeper as their breath treatened to fail.


Finally Jonathan separated his mouth from his beloved’s. He laid his forehead on Ardeth’s temple and in a rush begged, “Don’t leave me all alone this time. I can’t take another ten years apart.”


“Never more. That was too much time to lose.” Ardeth kissed the man in his arms once again, then suggested they should try and sleep for a little bit. Holding themselves in a tight embrace, that resambled the one that another couple shared not too far in another corner of the flying boat, they slept, never minding about the others opinions or what the next day would bring for them.


The End

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