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Past revisited

by Emerald


The negociations were not as well suceeded as he had hoped. It would take two more days in this God forsaken icy land. And that was a optimistic presumption.


As he left the meeting  place, a forlorn shack in the skirts of a small border town, he adjusted his coat, gloves and woolly hat.The reluzent falling snow was almost blinding and he cursed himself for forgetting his sunglasses at the hotel.


Chris was freezing and tired, but he would have to put his exhaustion aside as he was forced to go back to his hotel room by walking. The men he was dealing with had brought him to their business encounter. And left him alone afterwards.


For each step he took, his boots menaced to get stuck in thick layer of the white ice that covered the ground. Were it three or four miles before he was home?


He thought about his other undercover agent, the man should distract the rest of the gang, trying this way to convince them to show him where he could do “cool” purchases. That was risky, he could be mistaken for a regular cop, got beaten or worse. Larabee shook his head, that was a bad thought. Nothing was going to happen to his friend. But he worried notheless, since they could not rely on any kind of communication. He hated this mission.


He brought his gloved hands close to his face and blew into their shell, trying to get the warmer. It was useless, the cold had invaded his whole body.


He shivered and kept walking




Inserting the key to its hole, Chris heard sounds coming from inside. He reached for the gun hidden in his left boot and slowly opened the door.


Comparing to the outsides the place was comfortably hot. His eyes traced the room looking for the source of  those annoying metallic noises.


With a relieved sigh he noticed his friend’s cellphone on the nightstand between the two beds that occupied the small room. The machine’s lights were on and flickering, which meant its owner had been using it lately.


The bathroom door was not completely shut, an yellow light came throught a narrow opening. He knocked on the wood and waited for an answer. It didin’t come. Just another sound.


“Are you alright?”, this time he didn’t wait and opened the door.


“If you had given me some time I’d say I’m fine...but now...”Buck’s voice came from the bathtub where he sit trying to wrap with large bandages his upper dorso and right shoulder, a scissor dangling on his left hand. “Before you even ask I was treated as one of them. Was so welcome that another rival gang thought I was one to be fought with! Quite a messy fight, you should be there to see...”, he smiled sheepishly as he finished his bandaging job.


Chris kept staring at him, horrified that he had had those bad thoughts before. “But you were not shot...”


“Oh no! Not that! But it was close... These babies here are just small scratches and a few bruises.” His face was clear of any marks and for that he was giving thanks, it would make his job much more difficult. Dressed only in a pair of sweatpants, he passed by Chris and went to lie down on his bed. “Think I’m tired enough to even watch tv...Oh! I’ve called Vin to report what happened and then JD, to know how things are going without us...”


He stopped talking as he realized his friend was too quiet. He studied his face, the green eyes wide, his mouth tightly shut. A grim expression crossing his features. “Are you ok? How did you deal things there?”


“Things were not nice. We are trapped here for more a couple of days. I had to come back walking. I’m tired and freezing to the core. Think I’m having a shower to heat up a bit.”


Buck listened to his old friend and knew that expression on his face was the result of some inner fear. But he didn’t dare to question it. He grinned “Yeah! A good steamy shower will do you good. Enjoy!”


As Chris disappeared into the bathroom Buck pondered their situation. Their lives were at stake. Both of them could have died today it seemed. They were tired, stressed, almost hopeless after a month of a doomed work. He wished he could see in Larabee’s eyes the same faith they shone so many years earlier. He had loved that unbreakable confidance and even knowing that it would never come back, he truly wished he could bring it to life once more.


From his position in bed he could see through the window-pane the snow falling heavilly. A wild freezing wind threatened to destroy the few trees that defied his force. Mother Nature was furious with her sons and daughters. It was a despairing weather, one that made his heart ache without real meaning.


He turned off the lights, letting only the faint one from outside the window on. And he tried his best to fall asleep.




The room was dark and Buck’s breathing sounded like he was in his deep sleep.


Chris tried hard to don’t make too much noise while dressing up. He put on a white shirt, cotton shorts and socks. Looking at his made bed he dove happily under the covers and blankets, snuggling his face into his fluffy pillow. He closed his eyes with a content yawn, ready to be embraced by a very craved darkness.


Instead, what took hold of his waist was a strong, hot and gentle arm. After that first touch he sensed an even breathing travelling over his neck. An almost bare chest connecting to his back. He was surprised but never moved a single muscle to avoid this intimacy. He let out a slow and short chuckle.


“Feeling amourous tonight Buck?”, he teased his friend and long time ex-lover; the only response he got was a tightening in the embrace and a hand slipping to find his own. Now he was concerned. “Are you really fine Buck?”


“I am. Fine.” the quite words spoken very slowly took their work on Chris who turned and laid on his back, being able to look at apprehensive features. With his free hand he smoothed the frown that twisted the handsome face. The same moustacheless face he had met more than a decade before. This infernal mission had made him shave that beloved moustache he cultivated for years...He looked at him and still waited for an answer.


“I missed you Chris.” Eye to eye, hand in hand, heart to heart, just like so many nights that now belonged to the past.




“It’s not right anymore. We can’t do it Buck”, shooking his head to the sides he made Buck rest his face on his shoulder. At least this contact he could give to this man who he had loved so much, well still loved but in a different way now. It felt like home, a safe harbour.


Buck’s cheek softly caressed Chris’ chest as he spoke, “No, not as it was right then...But it feels right yet...”, he whispered while running his fingers through silky golden hair.


Larabee caught his hand and stopped its movements. “What about...” his lips were shut swiftly, forbbiden to speak the names of those to whom they had sworn love and loyalty.


“Don’t say their names! They are loved,  very much loved...”, his intense gaze and serious tone let the other man understand the meaning of this moment. This sweet comfort.


“I missed you too Buck”, he smiled briefly and craddling the head above his with both hands cut the distance between their lips. He received a slight resistance. “It is ok love.”


At first their touches resumed in a shy brush of lips. As if they were making sure they could be doing this. It only took a few seconds until their familiar scents made them forget about the rest of the world.


The white icy hell outside was obliterated completely by their thawning encounter.


Buck moaned and shivered when he was passionatelly enfolded by Chris’ arms and legs. Their bodies fully intertwined emmanating a growing heat that spread all over the bed.


Chris allowed to be undressed by loving hands. He closed his eyes with abandon when Buck caressed his dorso’s sides while removing his t-shirt, then begun to lazily trail a hot and humid path from nipples to hips and back.


Buck was never in hurry, the thing he wanted most right now was to make this night last. So he kissed all the broad and perfet chest, happy to listen to a steady beat beneath the flesh. He nuzzled Chris’ Addam’s Apple, then found his way to tease an earlobe. He delighted himself in the herbal shampoo scent mixed with the essence of pure Larabee. He noticed he really missed it.


“Buck... I...” Chris inserted one hand in his lover’s pants grabbing firm and round buttocks. He already was too aroused to be comfortable in his shorts and made it clearly known. A deep kiss made his words cease. Their tongues battled and danced around in an explosion of energy.


“Me too...just want to savour you, please?”, as if to prove it he let his mouth skim over the fine neck and sharp collar bones. Making a slight pressure on Chris’ arms he managed to turn him to lie on his belly. He smiled wolfshily when the tempting naked nape was revealed to him. Buck tenderly and sluggishly brushed his lips on the sensitive place, blowing tiny feathered kisses, touching it with the tip of his tongue. He felt the man in his hands shake, arch his back, be helpelessly pleased. “I’m happy you still melts like this...”, he murmured into Chris’ ear.


The blond could only groan, “”. Now his back was receiving the same kind treatment his chest got. Only it also was being stroked by sure fingers and palms. His spine being traced with soft lickings. This was so good! When he felt the weight retreating and the lack of hot kisses his heart almost missed a beat. But then the talented hands griped his shorts elastic band, slowly pulling them up and down his cheeks, leading them over his thights, legs and feet. His socks flied away across the room.


Buck trailed two fingers across Chris’ feet soles, making him giggle foolishly. He was amused with his partner’s easy going atitude. Oh...he was loving it!  He looked at his own encased erection and quickilly got off his pants.


Chris was going mad with this slow and sweet torture on his body. He knew Buck also couldn’t be too far from coming himself... His ankles were grabbed and smoothly rubbed. Fingers prodded and run up his calves, stopping in the back of his knees, where brief kisses were deposited, they resume their path running up the burning flesh of inner thights, all of it a relaxing yet arousing massage. The delicious pressure continued across his butt, small back, shoulder blades, nape and skull. He purred shamelessly when the caresses stopped on his neck and he felt Buck’s entire lenght laing on top of his. He felt the hot breath coming out from a very close mouth. He heard his name being pronounced in a voice filled with desire. Under his lover’s body he turned to look and face this tender lover he found now, again.


Their eyes locked once more. Their arousals connecting achingly. They drawn themselves in a fierce, hungry and wet kiss. Hands flying over two bodies that found a single and perfect rhythm. The kiss was broken as they were too close to relief.


Chris’ jade eyes witnesses his lover’s pleasure taking hold of his beautiful body and face. Satisfaction crossed his lips in a bright and seductive smile. His own body jolted with a  sparkling eletricity.


They kept the strong embrace, neverminding the stickness on their bellies. No words were said. They were of no need.


And then they slept.




Waking to a scary whinning that cut the air in the middle of the night, Chris discovered himself cozily lying inside Buck’s arms, completely naked and feeling as warmed as if he was under the Mexican sun. He also discovered that they were beggining to get glued together. Not that it would be a bad thing...So, even hating the ideia of getting out of the bed he rose and went to the bathroom. He took a humid towel and cleaned himself and his sleeping lover.


He sat on the bed, resting his head on the wall behind him. His eyes never leaving the resting man laid by his side. There was a time when they believed they could be together forever. But life changed them. He got married. Buck left the country for months. They lost their touches. But then once more fate played its tricks and their ways crossed again. This time they were friends, old friends who luckily found other five good friends. And from this other five, two new lovers. They were lucky.


The whinning wind haunted the room from time to time. Its power and intensity claiming its rights on the Earth.


This damned weather was making him too melancholic! He was almost going to cry for God’s sake! Shaking his head he slid down on the mattress and made himself comfortable in the trap of Buck’s ams.


They could have this night just for them. No one would know about it. It’d be useless. They were together again. For this night.


*******THE END******

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