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"The not so sure man"

by Emerald


Ezra approached Vin in the street.


"Mr. Tanner, you must forgive me for my bizarre behavior the other day.."


"It's ok Mr. Standish. That was not your day."


" know I was pretty drunk!" Ezra fidgeting with his hat kept

smiling nervously at his blond friend. " know...if I was sober

I'd never... you know!"


"Yes..I know you were not yourself that day..." Vin answered with a wicked

grin..a pratically naked Ezra came to his mind. No fancy clothes at all...

Better keep walking!!


"So..d'you forgive me?" Ezra blocked his way standing in his way.


"Yes, Ezra. I said it was ok!" Vin sighed beggining to get annoyed.


"Hn..why do I still have this feeling you are mad at me?" Ezra's face molded

into his lost puppy mask.


"Because, right now, you are driving me crazy, Ez!!" Vin let his head fall

to his chest and he sighed once more.


"Am I? Why I am sorry!!"


"It is ok Ezra..." he gave up. It was a hopeless situation...


"So, you forgive me?" the gambler was soo unsure...


"Oh shut up Ezra!!"


"But why?" and he followed Vin as the other tried to hide.

  The end.

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