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Magnificent Seven Canon Dialogue Challenge Fic


“Fire in the Hole!”5-Buck  

or if you like it best: "Absinth"

  by Emerald


The phone ringed, cried, screamed for his attention. Chris Larabee, lazily lying sprawled on his couch, eyed coldly to the annoying machine. The person on the other side of the line would never give up, he knew his tormentor too well.

  Finally he picked the receiver up and modulated his voice to an icy tone. Not that Ezra cared a damn about it anyway. His undercover agent began to babble something about a fantastic new night club that was opening tonight. All the team would be there, so would Mr. Larabee care to join them?

  “Sounds like fun.”4 Chris replied even if his senses did not believe or matched his words.

  “Well great!”2 The line went dead. The delight and pleasure from Ezra’s voice made Chris imagine him smiling broadly.

  Gazing at the object still in his right hand, the blond man arched na eyebrow and took a deep breath.

  “I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna regret this...”2


  The street’s traffic was slow due to the numbers of cars parking in the front of the new night club. Lot’s of glamorous people crowded the sidewalk by the door trying to get lucky and inside. The bouncers were extremely picky in their choices, only the prettiest or richest were allowed to go in.

  Six men, all decked for the special night, gathered aside the mayhem. The only one who was still missing was the one who had had the ideia for the evening.

  “Where is he?”6 Chris knew he should’ve stayed at home. He looked at his watch and kicked the pavement. The man was late again.

  Buck turned his face to Vin and whispering close to the man’s face he said: “We might have a problem.”8 Vin snickered and nodded.

  JD, oblivious to his boss’s distress enjoyed himself as he flirted and shared some looks. He noticed a tall, elegant man, all dressed in reluzent green, coming out of the main door, his head was turned to one of the bouncers, his arm and hand stretched to point to something. Then JD saw it was Ezra, he was facing  them then beckoned to his friends to come over.

  “Sorry the delay!”6 The southerner smiled, showing his gold tooth. He made his friends enter the place while other people screamed that that was not fair! Ezra was very excited, he laughed and hugged much more than his usual. When they were next to a black door he turned and looked at the six faces. “Prepare to be amazed!”1 And with a flourish he opened the heavy doors that lead to a magnificent disco club. “I give you ‘The Standish Tavern’!”9

  Vin drapped his arm around Ezra’s shoulders, barely embracing the seductive man. “Real proud of yourself, ain’t ya?”9 Ez returned Vin’s hug in a warm way, lacing the shooter’s waist with his own arm.

  JD opened his mouth in awe. He could never guess that the project Ezra was so intent on for about an year had any relation to building a club. “Rocks!”2

  “Nice party!”2 Josiah smoothed the lapels of his jacket and moved towards the bar.

  The always, no matter the occasion, black clad man turned to the proud club owner, who still was embracing Vin. Chris couldn’t help himself but ask to be sure, “Is this your place?”7

  “What do you think Chris?”3 Buck laughed and pushed his old friend to a booked round table next to one of the dance floors.


  The guys were seated on their table, all with drinks at hand. The waiters never ceased to refill their glasses with ice, soda and Absinth, the sparkling green spirit that Ezra explained was the house’s especial.

  The loud eletronic music invited the bodies to release their tensions and move in alluring movements. The strong alcohol combined with colorful and tricky lights did set the spirits free.

  Ezra excused himself and left the table to go talk with his others guests. Vin leaned back on his seat beside Chris, his eyes accompanied the retreating form of his object of desire and affection. “Walks awful graceful, don’t he?”3 

  A subtle smirk left the blond’s lips, “I was thinking the same thing.”7

  “He is mine!” 8 In a second he left the table, not caring to look back.

  Buck and JD already were missing. Josiah also disapeared as he spoted a lady friend. Nathan and Rain danced like they were one.

  Once more that evening Chris sighed, he was left behind and alone, trapped in his seat. He muttered between clenched teeth “I’m beginning to feel out of place...”4


  Buck had dragged JD to the bar. While they waited for their orders they kept scanning the ample place. With a halt the   mustached man grabbed a girl by her arms. She was dressing a long glittered dark red dress, her hair was tied in a pony tail on the top of her head. She was a magazine sight. “What do we have here!”1

  Casey great her friends with a huge and pleased smile. She introduced another girl, her close friend, who mirrored Casey’s grin and entusiasm. She was wearing a tight dark blue leather dress that reached her knees, her full curly dark hair cascating over her shoulders.

  JD extended his right hand to the new young woman, “My name is JD Dunne”1 His formal way of introducing himself made Casey roll her eyes. The boy would never learn...

  "May I just say that you’re looking lovely today yourself?”3 Buck looked in the girl’s eyes, holding one of her hands over his heart, all in pure lighthearted joke.

  Casey poked Buck in the chest and getting closer to his ear half joking warned “You get off of her!”7 She winked and reaching out for her girlfriend’s hand walked away.

  “You’re not fooling anybody young lady!”7 Buck’s voice mixed with the music and reached no ears.

  Brown eyes got as big and wide as saucers, while a pair of lips tried with all their force to pronounce anything. “Oh...for Pete’s sake!”7 , was everything that he finally uttered.

  Buck was amused with his reaction and laughed out loud at his younger friend’s confusion, “You just figuring it out now?”1

  JD took his glass filled with a funny but tasty green liquid, what was its name?Abs..absinth! He took his glass and pratically in only one swallow he fineshed its contents. His head spinned, his tongue went numb but his body lifted in the air! He dropped the glass on the bar’s counter and with sudden and rough movements pushed Buck towards a dark corner nearby.

  “What are you doing?”4 Buck was startled by JD’s attitude but did nothing to stop him.

  In JD’s blured mind he had seen the light. An answer. Their encounter with Casey and her “friend” were full of meaning. He could do it... he felt like it...

  “I’ll do it!”2 , he ordered himself. Thus he launched himself over Buck, sealing their mouths together. He was not very sure of how he should do this. All he knew was the hot feeling in his guts, spreading to he rest of  his body -especially his middle section- when Buck reacted and responded to the kiss, enclosing JD in his arms and pulling him closer.


  In the mezzanine lit only by translucid candles and decorated with comfortable lounges and pillows, Josiah, Nathan, Ezra and Rain were having a lively conversation about night life, people and fashion.

  Ezra seemed quite found of Rain’s golden cowboy hat. “The hat is a marvellous touch!”1 , he traced two fingers on the hat’s silky brim. Rain tought that Ezra’s interest in her outfit was odd but cute.

  They went on with their talk without noticing the arrival of a woman dressed in a bronze corselet and a long and insinuating taffeta skirt. Josiah was the first to see her coming and in a split of second was at his feet.

  “Now my friends, that is a proof there’s a god!”5 He gently took Maude’s hands, kissing them.

  “Josiah! You are as handsome as ever!”9 , she was pleased to meet him again.

  Ezra jumped from his seat, almost falling of  the chair he occupied. “Mother?”5 , he was a bit annoyed to see her around.

  “Lordy! Lordy!”5 Maude was not fazed by her son’s antics. She hugged him, kissed him and congratulated him for his luxurious club.

  “Mother, what are you doing here?”5 , her presence was so unexpected! He had sent her an invitation but she had never said a word about it...

  “Just a little exercise for my rheumatism darling!”, she picked Ezra in a tango move, a spin then a dramatic dip. The others clapped their hands at the little show. The applause reminding Maude of her days on a stage. Her bow ended with Ezra’s balance and he ended on the floor.

  “You dumped me!”5 , came his embarassed and furious exclamation while he stood up again.

  “Ezra, honey, you’d better be careful!”5 , she played the worried mother, running buzy hands over his hair and clothes,  making Ez look perfect again. “Appearances are everything darling!”5

  Nathan could not help himself and laughed at the childish misery his friend was suffering in his mother’s hands. That was a memorable scene. “That’s real sweet!”1 

  Maude winked at Nathan as she once more fixed her son’s hair. “That’s my boy!”5 She grinned than noticed her empty hands and her crave for another drink. She turned at Josiah, pointed at the closest bar and invited him, “I was just on my way over there now, perhaps you could escort me?”5

  Taking the beautiful woman in his arm, Josiah lead the way. He faced her and cut their distance, “I missed you.”7

  They shared a secretive smile.


  Chris was bored. He decided that he need some excitment. And quickly! So he started to wander and check all the classy and different ambients Ezra’s club had to offer.

  First he stopped for a  glass refill. He wanted a drink that was more familiar to his tastes than that fancy greenish drink. He squeezed himself between the thirsty patrons, ending up leaning on the counter, almost being smashed on its cool metal surface.

  “Whiskey!”1 he cried to the bartender who was on the opposite side of the bar. The man heard his yell but only looked at his direction. After a couple of minutes the he was at Chris’s face, waiting for his order.

  Chris was at a loss...the man in front of him licked his lips in a most sensual way, his dark brown eyes were full of lust, his body’s muscles barely hidden by a small sized white t-shirt. He wanted that man!

  “I was thinking about whiskey...a room, a bed...”2 , he said very slowly, then stared at the brunette, making sure he got his meaning.

  “No doubt...”10 was the answer he got in a soothing accented voice, plus a lascivious grin. The man poured some whiskey in a short glass and gave it to Chris, who kept staring at those sexy and magnetic eyes.

  “I guess we’ll have to wait till they are settled down.”4 Chris looked to his sides pointing to all the people waiting for their drinks.

  “Ay...”10 , sighed the bartender with a crushed look on his face.

  Chris laughed then grabbed the tanned arm closest to him. “Just go get some air.”10  , he tilted his head toward an opened veranda.


  Meanwhile, Buck and JD were looking for a more secluded place where they could enjoy themselves. JD suggested one of the lounges in the mezzanine, but Buck refused that, “They will see us!”1 , he whispered in his lover-to-be ear, close enough to taste him.

  They soon forgot about their hidding intentions and welcomed the first wall they met. JD rested against the wall as Buck’s bigger frame circled him. JD clutched Buck’s shirt, closing their distance so much that even air would have trouble to flow through.

  Buck was in heaven as the feeling of the hot and velvety mouth that clinged to his own was generating it’s match in his and JD’s groin. He run hungry hands over JD’s chest, teasing the clothed skin, arousing it to life. He heard JD moaning softly across his cheek, “Lower...”2

  “That was going to be a tough choice...”3 Buck buried his face in JD’s neck, his hands still roaming across the younger man’s body, till one of them brief and tentatively cupped a swollen manhood. He was rewarded with another moan and a long sigh.

  JD opened his eyes and searched for Buck’s dark blues. When their gazes met and fixed one another, JD’s fingers tenderly traced those beloved features of his friend’s face. He was short of breath when he half asked: “What are you trying to do to me Buck?”5

  Buck had no answer, he just intensified his embrace and smelled a long desired perfume that was only JD’s. “Oh! I’d never take advantage of you!11 What can I do?”5   Maybe he was not making much sense but then his mouth was reclaimed once more and he felt warm fingers around his waistband. “JD!”14 

  Abruptally the caressing hands left his back and he was shoved aside. He looked at JD and saw a red face.

  “We got company coming.”2


  A lean, long haired and very drunk Vin Tanner joined his two friends who looked like they had been caught staling honey. He bitterlly smiled to himself, at least these two had decided to do something about those looks they kept sharing in the office.

  “Howdy boys!”4 , a hiccup escaped from his lips making his smile fade. He dropped himself on a near by low chair.

  “Stupid! Stupid! How could I be so stupid?”9 , he rested his forehead on his crossed hands, his hair falling down concealing his face.

  Buck knew what the problem was: Ezra. Vin refused to talk about his feelings or needs in his too open relationship with the undercover agent. Vin wanted to committ and be official. Ezra just distance and some occasional fun. He was tired of being left aside, just like tonight. He had seen Ez with another guy...

  “What’s it this time!”3 his anger of being interrupted replaced by worry as he saw the running tears on Vin’s face. The man never, ever cried.

  “Thought I had a sense of him, knew who he was...”8 , he tried to suppress a sob but to no avail, he was crying against his will.

  JD hold his heartbroken friend and looked confused at Buck.

  “Excuse-me.”1 Buck shacked his head then he disappeared.


  The tall, handsome, latin man made his path through a horde of dancers and drunks. It was almost 4:00 am and the minds were a bit foggy from alcohol and other substances that his boss’d better not try to guess or find.

  Finally he found his target, outside the hot and clouded rooms, resting in a bench, drinking bottled water.  Stepping in a catlike way he made himself unnoticed just to slide close to the blond, laying one hand on a hard and muscled tight. “Just what I was looking for!”10

  Chris looked at him, grinning a seductive and evil challenge: “You don’t know me.”1 The man leaned over Chris, stroking his smooth cheek on the light blond stubble. When he spoke, introducing himself, he ponctuated every word with a bit and a lick on Chris’s neck. “”10

  “You want to try this one more time?”6 Chris was horny as hell. Lucky him because this man was too! They fell down lying on the bench, this position allowing their bodies to a full contact.

  Raphael attacked Chris’s mouth, his tongue tasting, searching, possessing the other man. In a blur he discarded both shirts. Their chests connected. Chris’s hands travelled the well built dorso, pinching the nipples, feeling the ribs, then stopping their way down when they found a buttoned leather waist band. That could be fixed! He undone the buttons and let his hand go inside the enclosing outfit, taking a full erection ready to explode. The same was being done to him and finding a compass they both reach a quick orgasm.

  “Magnifico!”10 Raphael whispered and kissed hard his new lover. He could get attached to this man...

  “Relax...”4 Chris rested his arms on Raphael’s back. Now, for the first time since they met at the veranda he looked at the man’s eyes. He liked what he saw, a brief tender smile graced his features. “You are pretty good at that!”5

  They enjoyed that closeness for a few more minutes then got dressed and fixed again.

  Raphael was ready to go home, his working time had ended. He took Chris’s hand and pulled him in an iron embrace, with a longing stare he dared a question, “Care to join me?”10  

  Chris Laarabee, the almighty leader of the ATF’s TEAM 7, held his breath, not knowing what to say. He was saved by the bell as Buck showed up next to them.

  The furious look on Buck’s eyes told him something was wrong. His old friend seemed to be ready to punch Raphael. “Be careful...”2  he warned.

  “Who are you?”4 Buck was not happy with the surprise he had witnessed few minutes ago. But that was not his business. It was Chris’s. He tried to cool down. “I was just being friendly.”4 

  Turning to Raphael the blond almost pleade, “Listen, Im going away for a little bit...”6 , he had not finished as Raphael nodded and let him know ż would be waiting.

  Taking Buck by the shoulder they went to another room.

  “Is he with you?”1 stupid question, alright, but Buck could not help himself anylonger and despite his previous mood he actually liked the idea of Chris having a little fun. “You sure know how to pick them Chris!7Who is this guy?”6

  Chris smirked with his face down and crossed arms. Then he lifted a mischievious look at his friend. “The bartender.”6  He shrugged and throw his head at Raphael’s direction. “Buck, we are leaving.”3

  “What the hell am I supposed to say when people ask?”2

 You can handle it.”3 Chris winked and with an arm lock they parted ways.

  Buck still had to find a carelss club owner...


  As the night reached the day most of the people were leaving, which made it much more easier for Buck to spot Ezra. The green eyed man was at his office, shutting down his computer and locking a safe.

  Buck’s hands felt heavy on the table, producing a startling sound that catched Ezra’s attention. “Do you think there’s something wrong with a little mutual surrender?”10

  “Buck!”4 , he blinked, somehow scared by his friend’s mood.

  “I think you know how I *feel* about that boy of yours!”6

  “I have a few ideas.”3 he stuttered, raising from his chair and coming to stand in front of the irate tall man. Buck never hesitated as he pulled Ezra by the collar, dragging him to where Vin and JD were.

  Trying to set himself free Ezra appealed “You taken leaven from your senses?”7

  Buck stopped, piercing Ezra with a cold glare and a poking finger in his chest. “I want you to consider this!”7 Then he pointed his finger to the crestfallen man in JD’s arms.

  Ezra was stricken by what he saw. He returned his gaze to Buck and whinned painfully, “Ooh...I like this guy! Lord help me I like him...!”1

  “Real convincing there Ezra!”8  Buck retorted “Why don’t you give him a hint?”8

  Ezra gulped and forced his feet to walk forward. He studied the sad expression on his lover’s eyes, he heard what the two younger men talked about.

  “Mind telling me how it’s possible?”3 JD’s low and serious tone was barely audible.

  “I just don’t understand.”12 Vin sighed and after a stretching silence he murmured “He ain’t one that would be easy to forget.7 I’m leaving in the morning.2

  “What are you attempting to suggest Mr Tanner?”7 his presence made JD’s head turn up at him. Oh, another angry, pissed friend...

  “Look at this! Take a look Ezra!”12 JD hissed and left his seat after stroking Vin’s hair. He joined Buck in a distant wall.  Buck took him in a tired embrace. In one night they had experimented ecstasy and agony.

  “My hands are shaking so bad Buck!”1

  Buck hold his hands, entwining their fingers and kissed him in a slow, loving and reassuring way.


  Ezra knelt down at Vin’s feet. He tried to touch the damp cheeks but Vin retreated from his hand. The soft baby blues looked at Ezra as if they were dying and would never see the love of their lives.

  “*Ezra*, I know it aint right, but I can’t pretend there’s nothing between us.”13 he struggled to continue speaking while tears threatened to overflow again, “Why are you running?”5

  “You know the answer to the question...”9 this timehe dried the tears with gentle fingertips. “I’ve never done that before.”1 Ezra caught cold hands in his own, trapping them in a firm lock. He forced Vin to look at him. “Why? Why here? Why me?”9

  Vin wanted so much to rest on those shoulders, feel the seductive arms and hands on him, hear the lullaby that was Ezra’s heartbeat after sex and love. “If you were mine I’d never let you go”13  Little by little Vin was recovering his courage,  “If you wanna go back I ain’t gonna try and stop you”13  

  “Stop! Stop right there!”3  Ezra was shocked, he never thought about breaking up with Vin! How could he think like that? How could he plan to leave him? No words would be enough to prove his love for this sensitive man. He’d try but... Ezra sought Vin’s lips, being careful and tender, but also trying to rescue the lust and desire they had shared before this night. Vin melted by his touch and embrace. When they separeted Ezra begged, “Would we try again?”13

  With a shy smile Vin nodded, “There’s still time for second chances...”13 

  “He likes me!”2  Ezra raised to his feet, bringing Vin with him. They kissed in a desperate way, a raising urge to fulfillthe emptinessin their souls.

  “I thank God every day for putting you on this earth!”13  Vin breathlessly dropped his walls and confessed his feelings

  Ezra was so happy that his golden tooth was shinning like a star on his face. “Oh my! This is serious!”8 , he cherished this man in his arms and was cherished back! What else he could ask for?

  They laughed  and decided it was time to go to bed.


  The new day welcomed the five men who blinked at the sunlight and enjoyed the cool morning air.

  “Morning gentlemen!”10 Ezra and Vin walked outside the club with their arms around each other.

  Josiah friendly claspped a hand on Ezra’s upper arm, “Finally met your match hn Ezra?”4 

  JD, nested in Buck’s chest, announced: “I am starving!”8 

  All men agreed about doing something with their roaring stomachs. Josiah was the one to voice a plan: “Breakfast!”8 

  They headed to the nearest dinner opened. While they walked Josiah got closer to JD, leaning over his ear and whispered loud enough to Bucks ears: “JD, your fly is open!”10 




The episodes, the lines and their numbers:

  1-     The pilot

2-     One day out west

3-     Working girls

4-     Safe cracker

5-     Witness

6-     Nemesis

7-     The collector

8-     Manhunt

9-     Sins of the past

10-Love and honor

11-New Law


13-Wagon train

14-Lady killers



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