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Kisses, caresses, hugs and happy birthdays!

by Emerald


It’s a warm Saturday evening and all around the world people were making plans for the night. Our heroes no different from anyone also had their schedule of fun. But they were a bit late I’m afraid...


Brilliant emerald eyes rolled up, unable to focus on anything, as pleasure invaded his body. All he could do was sense his lovers lips surfing across his spine and be utterly lost in those teasing hands that were arousing every little part of his naked form laying on the living room plushy carpet.


Heat exploded when those lips, tongue and mustache found their way to Ezra’s ear lobe. He could not help himself as he moaned loudly and tried to find those sensual lips with his own. He craved to take that mouth and taste the pure flavor of Buck...


They were so immersed in passionate sensations and  loving feelings that they completely forgot about the time and their meeting tonight...Well, who could blame them for being so in love? I wouldn’t... but I digress...


Just as they broke a kiss to take back some air into their lungs an annoying ring cut the silence of the apartment. They froze as reality called their names. Or to be more precise a Texan accented voice asked permission to enter the place.


“C’mon Ez! We are damn late!” Vin screamed to the door in front of his face.

He could hear the murmurs and moans from the inside and turned back to look at the grinning face of Chris.


“Could say they are having the same problems...”


“Yeah! After all no one will blame us for being late...”


“Better wait inside the may take some time...” Vin seductive gaze met the hunger from Chris’.


If they had to wait better do that in a more pleasant fashion...So they entered the spacious and comfortable truck. Vin reached his shirt pocket and took out a mint candy, popping it into his mouth.


“Want some mint cowboy?”

“ know I do...” Chris pulled the other man into his arms in a crushing embrace. Their kiss desperate and searing at first just to become slow and calm and deep... so right. “Hmm... my favorite candy...”


“Yup...” Vin nuzzled  his lover and partner neck while his hands tried to undo shirt and pants buttons.


“Don’t start... what you can’t finish...” Chris breath was short as he whispered through long strands of hair.


“I just want to be close and feel’s good...”


Kisses and embraces filled with desire kept these two men occupied for many minutes. They only stopped their caresses when an insistent knock on the back window told them it’s time to go. See the irony of these men movements?

Oh well...they really could not help themselves...they all were so in love...oooh!


After quickly adjusting their clothes Vin opened the truck’s doors so Ezra and Buck could get in. Neon lights screaming *guilty* on all four faces. They could not hold it any longer and started to laugh loudly at their behaviors.


“Now Vin we better hurry!” Buck pointed to the car keys.


“Yup...hope the girls won’t be mad at us.”


“They? Mad at us for being late know! Very unlikely...”Chris shook his head in disbelief...*How could those girls be so crazy?*


“Oh...please do me a favor Mr. not mention it again...I’m sure that right now we are not alone. Not alone at all...Since it is a very sure thing that their most beloved hobby is to watch very attentively our slightest moves...” Ezra shuddered at the thought of being spied...


“We better go...” groaned Buck.


And so they finally came to the party. And they were all hugs, kisses, gifts, ‘happy birthdays to you’ and big smiles. Only to make Angel and Kathi happy.


Oh...And dear Ezra was right...they were not alone...heheh....



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