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Dangerous lace

By Emerald


*What* was the very simple word, small pronoun, barely pronounced, that had ignited all this confusion. Or, to use a more popular term, a big mess.

He looked at his reflected image on the mirror. The girls had done a exquisite job on his was extremely strange to look at his own green eyes enclosed in long and silky fake eye lashes. His skin was paler than usual, apparently softer, whatever powder was applied hiding the possibility of the thinnest stuble, his cheeks were lightly turned into a pinkish blush. But the most curious and unnerving sensation was provoked by that creamy dark lipstick, it felt like his lips were tightening and to talk was now an odd task to be performed without biting his could women use it so perfectly and naturally and never be troubled...amazing!

To complete the disguise he was wearing a big and shinny curly dark brown wig which perfect locks molded the sides of his face. The feather in its top waved as he moved... This was too did he agree to do it would ever remain a mistery...

The newly born Miss Standish was left alone in her room to dress up herself. The girls went out the door giggling excited by the plan they would witness.

Ezra sighed at the strange woman looking at him from the mirror. *Oh well...the costs we pay to play the hero of the day...* He slowly throw a glance back towards the bed to find those garments he should find his way inside. All lace, ribbons and satin...fine...all in different shades of violet and purple. Just  a perfect match to a very possible future purple eye... if he ever get caught, of course.

Following strict recommendations he started dressing the silk socks and underwear. The next piece would be the corset, which he pleaded to be spared from, but those gentle but at the same time cruel lovely ladies told him it would be the clothing piece that would do the breast trick. He groaned with the ideia of how he would be able to get it fitted to his body alone, since all the girls had left him to dress privately, none thought he may have difficulties with those alien garments!!

He picked up the corset, examining its details of leather and silk, all those little buttons that  only God knows how he would manage to encase...and the strong ribbons that should be pulled to shape his upper body...*Oh...some one help me...*

As if reading his thoughts a gentle knock was heard in his door.

“Who is it?”

“It is me Ezra. Can I come in?”

Oh...the source of all he would pay for his sweet  and brilliant ideia...

“Of course Mr. Tanner...Come and help me here!” Ezra was smiling in a wicked way when Vin entered the room. This could be better than the real con planned for this outfit...


Vin was perplexed with his friend’s looks. He was sure Ezra would be ok in ladies fashion but it was much better than he  imagined! They definitely got their diversion!

“ look good Ezra.” Vin said taking his hat off and giving a little nod while smiling openly.

*Oh dear...he is treating me like a woman!* “Thank you Mr Tanner. But could you help me look even better? I guess I must put this on...but do it all by myself seems rather impossible...” Ezra smiled and fluttered his alluring eye lashes while he picked Vin’s hands to hold the corset for him.

“What should I do? I’ve never had to deal with one of these things...” Vin didn’t have the single clue of what his hands or fingers should do first.

“Hhmmm...try to close all the back buttons first...” Ezra was figuring out how to play with his shy and beautiful friend...well he could no more deny his attraction for this young and seductive tracker... the problem was how to get his attention without the peril of a bullet in his forehead...

Vin’s unsure fingers  started to close the top buttons but as he went down it became to hard to continue. “I can’t do the rest’s stuck.”

“That’s mostly because you should start with the bottom...then go up...”

“Oh...sorry...” Vin’s face was amusing Ezra...he could feel something underneath  that poker expression...

Ezra felt fingers lightly touching his small back and hips, trying to get a grip on the tight leather. This feeling sent eletric shivers to every nerve of Ezra’s body. As each button was done those agile fingers caressed his spine in a too delicate way. It was impossible that Vin didn’t realise what he was doing...Ezra’s breath was deep and he was fighting to keep control. Finally every button was in its right place.

“And now Ez...what should I do? Tell me...” That’s it!! He knew it! Ezra felt Vin’s words too close to his ear, his warm breath in his face...he was lost...

“Now pull those ribbons...and make them tight... around my waist...” Ezra gulped when he felt those enticing hands sliding on both sides of his body just stopping around the waist where they slipped to the front to caress a non existent belly.

“Is it here you want tight?” Vin said with his lips menacing to touch Ezra’s neck. He was enjoying too much this game...he knew he had conned his expert con artist...he knew he had little time and they would not be allowed to go too far than this...but it was so much fun!

“No..I mean...yes...Yes, Vin...Mr Tanner...pull those ribbons as if they would embrace me...” Ezra was almost fainting ...he felt his desire growing up and he wish he could turn and grab his devilish seducer ...this man who held the power over his body right now...  “Please me...and finish it...”

Vin was suffering from his own teasing and was getting as hard as the other man in his arms, he felt him stiffen and try to lean into his chest.

“Ok Ez...I will...just try to must be too hard for you to breath wearing this thing...I’ll help you...” Vin’s words came as whispers blowing Ezra’s shoulder. Light kisses were being placed on the smooth and fresh skin...hands working in the pleasurable work to get relief...

As both got to their climax Vin turned Ezra and kissed him deeply, his tongue tracing the sticky and sweet lips, asking for entrance in the hot and wet mouth. Ezra was melting in his new found lover. He felt as light headed as he never felt before...

“ you...want you really bad...”

“So do I Vin, this is like a dream...” Ezra’s eye were closed the entire time and when they opened and saw their reflection on the mirror the reality came back, he saw his attire and his ruined make up and remembered why he was dressed like this...

“Vin...lets stop here..for now...Remember we got a con to perform and some ladies to rescue...”

“I know what we have to do...I just don’t want to leave you...”

“Neither do I ...but go now before our most zelous leader catch us like this...I’d not love to see his acusing face...”

“ carefull then in the out for foul hands...”

“Suppose I will...only enjoy two fool hands on me...” he winked as Vin went out the room to find the others.

“ I am suppose to do with you after this evening my dearest little corset?”

Ezra laughed at the top of his lungs feeling pure joy.


The end

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