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Blue waves of Passion

By Emerald

(created by Deanna's request!)

-Tiny ice cubes

-2 maraschino cherries

-1 Passion fruit juice with seeds!

(add just a little sugar)

-1 ½ dose of Blue Curaçao

-½ dose of vermute

-2 straws


Drop the ice into a veeery long  and pretty glass. Pour the juice and the seeds. Mix the Blue Curaçao and the vermute, shaking a bit, imitating the waves from the sea... Top the juice with it. Decor with the two straws and the cherries on the  glass board.

This is a drink for two...


How to make a proper use of a “Blue Waves of Passion”...


By the golden light of  a summer sunset that blessed their private beach a tall, gorgeous and barely dressed mexican man waited for his amante return from his usual jogging.


He had created a new drink and wanted to try it with Chris. In the right way...


Thanks God for today was shopping day and all their women residents were out spending their money on everything they laid their eyes on...there would be some peace and quiet for the staff and Raphael only wished to spend his time laying his eyes and hands on his blond lover.


As Chris came closer his bright smile was reflected on his human angel’s face. He throw his body on the top of a warm sun tanned skin resting on the sand. Landing on a mouth that eagerly waited for his. Lips touching lips, tongues tracing lips, tongues battling like swords, teeth lightly biting lips...


Heat spreading all over their bodies... Raphael slid his hands under Chris shirt and managed to get rid of it. His lover’s body glistened with a thin layer of sweat. His breath was short with passion and desire.


Their hands skimmed over flaming bodies...lips tracing, tasting, sucking, kissing, teasing... Eye to eye they knew their deepest needs and love...


Their arousals claiming for relief...Chris swiftly removed their swimming shorts, allowing their bodies a craved waving pleasure... White heat spreading and radiating from the two lovers on the sand...


They kissed slowly and sensually trying to prolong and enjoy their quiet time together alone... Chris encircled by Raphael’s arms, his head resting on his chest...


“I’m thirsty...” Chris whispered on Raphael’s neck. The other man smiled tenderly to him. 


“Here my love...try this one I’ve made for you...” Raphael brought a long glass to Chris lips. “Try and tell me if you approve it...”


Chris sucked the blue liquid through a straw. His eyes widened as he tasted the refreshing drink. “Delicious... just like blue waves of passion...drink it with me...”


Raphael took the other straw and sipped his cooling invention... Smiling to himself  he thought about a nice way to eat those tempting red cherries...

  The end

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