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Kiss me K... !   

by Emerald



“Kiss me K...” his words were cut as he noticed that his companion was not very aware of their talking.

“Uh...what did you say Mr. Fabian?” Billy shook his head trying to dissipate the foggy feeling in his brain...what did the man say? Had he asked to be kissed? Because that he would love to do...

“I was telling you about my favorite comedy...which is Kiss me Kate! Have you ever seen it? If not maybe we could try and perform it here some night...” His eyes were huge and beautiful and sparkling with joy as he told the play’s story.

For Billy he was the most handsome man he had ever seen...even more handsome than Johnny Ringo... he was refined, wore fine clothing, talked like a gentleman... he was wonderful in deed...

“Oh yes...I would appreciate it...” the saloon’s loud noise of music and drunk gamblers making it hard to listening to their spoken words “Uh... Mr. Fabian... I hope you don’t mind, but I can’t listen to you with the music and all...Would you like to take a walk?”

“Certainly...Billy.” he smiled openly and drinking his last champagne rose from his chair. “Show me the way!”

Outside, quietly walking on the main street of Tombstone the two men contemplated the sky filled with diamond shaped stars...

“Just like your eyes...” murmured Billy almost to himself, never noticing that his words came  to the other’s ears...

“What is like my eyes Mr. ... I’m sorry... but you just told me your first name...” he shrugged smiling and opening his hands in the air helplessly. He tried to catch the men’s attention and looks. If only he could be sure of his feelings towards this young outlaw... yes... he knew very well his new blond friend’s occupation... he was a member of the famous gang called The Cowboys... youngest brother of its leader...too dangerous to play around... but exciting too.

“I just thought your eyes match those two bright stars up there...And you can call me just Billy. It’s alright.”

“Fine then... Billy...” throwing an arm around the smaller man, that now he was very sure was attracted to him, the actor thought about how to get intimate with him. Meanwhile he returned to their conversation about theatre and Sheakspeare. “So... how many plays have you seen?”

“Only a few... it’s hard to see something decent when you are out in the desert... I’m glad you came to Tombstone... eh.... your company...I mean.” Billy was feeling the other’s man body too close to his, the warmth of his hand almost on his neck, his melodic and rich voice coming out from those luscious lips... He was on the edge of desire for this gorgeous man!

“I can say I’m happy too! Right now I just wish we had more liquour...”

“If  you want we can go to the hotel where I got a room. We can buy some whiskey... or maybe something else...whatever you like! We are almost right in front of it...” Now Billy was shaking, discreetly but unable to stop...

“We better get in... you are shaking my dear friend... maybe you are cold!” he said rubbing his hands on Billy’s both arms. Actually he was starting to shake himself and definitely not from cold... but from pure expectation.

Climbing the stairs to his room Billy felt once more the warm hand on him, this time on his back as if supporting his frame. His entire lean body stirred with a spreading hot sensation.

“ I hope you enjoy the wine...” the actor said while opening the bottle of red and sweet wine. The kind that made any one dizzy, even the experts... He took a swallow and passed the bottle to his prey... or would he be his hunter? He was not able to tell...

“It’s delicious Mr Fabian...” he licked his own lips, tasting the liquid on his mouth...he was starting to feel beyond relaxed... So much he did not see when the man he lusted after moved to sit right beside him on his bed, gently taking off his glasses.

“Your eyes are like stars too Billy... and your hair shinnes like the morning sun. You are beautiful dear Billy...” he let his fingers trace the delicate features on  the man’s face, paying special attention to the parted lips... he was asking to be kissed... The hands didn’t stop their exploration as they undone every shirt button and found the flaming smooth skin.

Billy moaned as he spoke, “Mr. Fabian... I just noticed you never told me your first name...and it seems wrong right now...” his own hands were skimming on his “lover to be”. This thought made him laugh and desire even more the other man. “So Mr. Fabian...what’s your name?”

He drunk more wine as so did his favorite actor. How he wanted to taste the wine on those lips...

“It is Keith...” he said as he nuzzled Billy’s neck...feeling his fresh smell... sending pleasurable shivers all over his body.

“ are driving me crazy!” his breath was short and deep and he wanted to feel the man’s taste badly. “ the saloon...I thought you had asked me to kiss you Mr. Fabian... but than it was your play you were talking about...” his face brushing the other face in a seductive move, his hands holding tightly on nape and waist... “But now...I’m asking you...kiss me Keith...please...”

And so their lips touched. Softly and timidly at the beggining, than growing in heat and lust and care. The first touches of a magic and unique night.


The end.

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