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“Game lost”

by Emerald



Miguel sat morosely on the pyramid steps, steps that led to the temple that he and Tulio had called home for the past month. His emerald eyes traveled across the golden city, wishing that all that shining wealth could be exchanged for the untouchable wealth he had before... before that cursed map...


He had decided to stay in El Dorado... accept the chief’s offer... stay and forget. Just like he was already forgotten...


Listening to the giggles and seductive laughs that came from the temple above he stood up and went down to search for some comfort. Maybe he could find a bottle of that fine hallucinatory drink he carelessly enjoyed their first night in this hidden city. He knew that thing was a sacred liquid... But he was a god now, wasn’t he?


So after convincing a scared soldier to bring the dangerous drink he looked for a quite and isolated place where his sorrows could be tended.


First a sip then a strong gulp, his body felt relaxed and light... he felt like flying, a rush of pleasure... the best kind of pleasure, just like he was being embraced by his tender and passionate... and lost lover.


No... he could not be lost... never... and to deny it he drunk more of the bittersweet drug...


“Mi querido amor...” the whisper left his lips as he kissed the image of a naked man laid by his side. The saphire eyes glistening like dancing stars. Their fire hitting his thudding heart. The long golden hair spread around the handsome head, fluttering over his bliss filled face... just like  caressing sun fingers. Thousand hands covered Miguel’s body... all those hands belonging to one person only... the same one whose  wet mouth gave him release and delight. Oblivion came as  vibrating million colors engulfed his fluid long body. But nothing else mattered as he felt Tulio arms circling his back and waist.


He was not forgotten... he was never left for another one... Tulio still belonged with him...


Blessed darkness.




“Where is Miguel?” Tulio paced restlessly inside the temple.“He should be here almost an hour ago! To tell us about the boat!”


“I don’t know... maybe he’s playing with the children.” answered an annoyed Chel. She was not getting the expected attention from the charming foreigner.


"He said he was just going to find out how the boat was coming along, that couldn't possibly have taken him this long!" he opened his arms, closed his hands, blinked his eyes. He was furious with his friend’s lack of discretion.


“You worry too much about him... you know?” she retorted while looking for a new pair of ear rings. “He is a god remember? Nothing will happen to him...”


“He is NOT a GOD Chel... he is... human and vulnerable.” Tulio feared that his time with Chel would affect his already shaky relationship with Miguel.


Since Spain they have been fighting for anything... then there was that alluring girl in Barcelona... They met every night for weeks until she left him, vanished, for  only God knows why...Well now he knew it was a act played by his blond lover. Miguel had been unhappy with him, feeling betrayed and undesirable, so he decided to meet the girl and use all his charm towards her. After a couple of days he asked her to marry him in her family’s town. She went out of Barcelona and he never appeared to the cerimony. Miguel apologized for his acts but said he did not regret them.


So when that map came to their hands as a real fate trick he thought that maybe it would bring some fun and joy to both of them. And indeed they had good times even though Cortez, the storm, all those sharks and the lack of food tried to prove the contrary... Until they came here... their ultimate goal... To become the richest men from Spain! What a joke... they were not even sure if they could take all the gold with them...


And then there was Chel... this woman was beautiful... and was giving her best to reach to any of them... she also was a thief and a conner who desired to be on the top of the world. She seduced him with her bronze skin, skilled hands and a promise of more gold... and he let her take him... even knowing she meant trouble.


Damn fool... this time he was the one who did not pay attention to his famous little inner voice. Now the certainty that something terribly wrong happened to his blond partner pestered his head.


“I am going to look for him.”and so he stormed out from the room.


“Whatever... good luck then...” she forced out the last words.




Mounted on Altivo and surrounded by dozens of citzens Tulio pretended to be doing a evaluation of the city’s dimension. And that for such a task he claimed should be left alone. Nobody could notice that their other god was missing.


He entered every building, escalated all the steps, run all fields... but found no trace of Miguel. He became more nervous and tense by the second as he failed miserably to find the other man.


“MY GOD TULIO!” suddenly a soldier bowed before his feet and timidly asked “How’s our god Miguel enjoying my gift? Is he satisfied? Want more?”


“Gift?” Tulio gripped the man’s shoulder “What are you talking about?”


“My God Miguel came to me furious and asked for the sacred drink...oh...I should have brought more for you too...I’m sorry I thought it was for you two...I’m sorry... I’ll get more...but please don’t hurt me...” the soldier was terrified with his mistake, his face was a mask of pure fear.


“There’s no need of it. You can go. I won’t hurt you.” Tulio’s heart froze as he finally discovered what should be happening. He recalled the fantastic images and powerful sensations caused by that drug. Miguel was an easy prey...vulnerable he was...


So he rushed his searchings, looking at absurd places, everywhere a grown man could fit in.


He was almost giving up when shinning hair locks caught Altivo’s eyes towards a huge tree near the entrance of El Dorado. The trained horse made his way between spiked bushes until he was next to his other master.


Getting closer Tulio saw his dear lover and friend covered with sweat, shivering, unconsciously holding to a tree root as if it was his life’s anchor.


“What is it Guel? There’s no need for this amado...” he knelt by the lying figure and tried to extricate him from the large piece of wood. The heavy form rolled back into his arms and he heard a faint moan coming from the pale lips. He leant down and kissed the frigid and unresponsive mouth tasting the poison that ruled the body of Tulio’s most beloved treasure.


“You think I’m leaving you Guel? Could I ever do that...?” he thought about Chel and the damage he had done. “She just wants to escape to a better us... sorry if I hurt you darling...” old memories from their late arguments in Spain resurfaced,  “amado forgive me...” Tulio spoke in short breaths as he fought tears that threatened to spill over his cheeks. The man in his embrace did not move, only a slow and welcome heartbeat was prove that he still lived. “GOD! How much did you drank to be like this... “


Tulio shook his head, tightened his embrace and prayed for God’s merciful forgiveness. They should never have played to be gods...never... Now they were paying the price.


The horse nuzzled at Miguel's legs, as if trying to wake

him, convince him to stand up.  He failed, though, and looked at the

crestfallen dark-haired man with pity and sympathy, as if hoping his efforts could be more successful.




The moon was high in the sky. It’s light guiding their silent way back to their temple. The city was dark and asleep, the only fire that burned incessantly iluminated the High Priest temple.


As they entered their room Altivo bent his legs so his charge could be laid on the floor next to the pool.


After a while, Miguel began to stir, to wake. Tulio lovingly bathed his face and hands with the cool clear water expecting the marvellous green eyes to open. When they finally did two pairs of intense glares locked for a long time.


Silence broke as Miguel low raspy voice cut the air “I heard you telling her that you forgot me.”


Tulio hold his breath, stunned with Miguel’s knowledge of his brief affair. He shook his head but could say nothing. There’s no way to deny it... He intended to hold his lover’s hand but it withdraw from him. “You know I never meant it.”


“No I don’t know.” Miguel’s head throbbed and swirled as a result from his drugged state and the shock that Tulio never tried to convince him those words never existed. “What are we going to do?”


“We are going back to Spain and live like kings there” Tulio smiled softly. Again he attempted to reach and caress his beloved’s exposed chest but his gesture died as the man slowly stood up and went to his bed. “Miguel I never thought you would...”


“Would watch you two...? Yeah... neither did I...” he muttered from the thick blanket covering his head. “Now... just forget.”


Tulio sat motionless where he was looking at the forlorn man who usually was so radiant, wondering how or if he would ever gain his trust and love back. His mind replayed that lost afternoon when they had played the dices for a map... luck seemed to be by their side... but actually he had lost the game.



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