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A Talkative Soul

by Emerald


Listening to the storming boots hitting the pavement I tried to run faster than I ever did. The cops were just a few feet away from me and a little bit more distant of my younger friend.


If we got caught it would be jail for sure. Well I had nothing with me, but him... He would be as good as dead in the hands of all those willing to serve and protect, the rich, police officers.


Not that being behind bars was something new for us. I had being trapped in a cage for a couple of days and he had spent a long, awful and damned winter enclosed by four cold walls. For all that shit we had to escape this time.


And hell! We were just trying to help a friend to get his love back. Itíd be so ludicrous to get arrested for doing nothing.


So we ran. I approached him and signaled we had to be quick as the wind. And suddenly we were so fast that ours pursuers faded from sight. Or so we thought.

As we turned to the right, a bad move to say the least, the worst happened. We ended up completely stuck in a mall alley.


I had to think about an escape route while my frantic partner screamed for me to do something, anything. He was so scared.


Thankfully I remembered I had my belt and rope gun on. And in a comic book move I found our exit. He was stunned and so relieved. Happy as an eight years old. I brought him closer to my body and as soon the rope was safely tied I felt his arms closing around me in a literally life hold embrace.


Floating in the air, we were quiet, ecstatic for a few minutes that seemed like forever. The guards came and, blessed be the force, were gone in a blink. His shallow breath became regular and in a very Jay way to thanks he recalled the Jokerís words. Oh... then came the unexpected, something I could really never expect from him. Not really. A kiss, the briefest of the pecks, but one that spoke tons of what he mighty be feeling on that very moment.


This small show of affection, quite unconscious Iím sure, made my heart miss a beat. I lost my count of how many days and nights Iíve dreamt and desired to feel his lips on my skin. No matter how innocent this touch was, it meant something. I knew it.


His head on my shoulder, his breath on my neck and hair, I made our way back to the safer ground. He stepped out of our hold, nodded a little and said, ďLetís get out of here Bob! Letís hide!Ē.


No gestures, no curses, no bad names. He was embarrassed. And to tell the truth so was I. Embarrassed and foolishly in love.


We entered the bookstore and made it our home for next hour. Who would guess that I really like to read? I found a nice book and was in the middle of an interview with a new movie director when TS discovered us. Again he asked for help. Again Jay was in full destroyer mode.


It hurt me badly when Jay call me *tubby bitche* in front of TS. I canít explain why it hurt so much, but it did and I barely could hide it. I think Iíve completely lost it for this man... Sometimes I wish he would shut up and stop calling me names. But actually I know it is his strange way to get closer to me. Oh, and  he does. And I could never avoid his presence, or his nutty mind.


Maybe if I keep up with his crazy ramblings I will find courage to silence his endless words. Maybe with another kiss. A tender, loving, passionate, stoned one.


Yeah... maybe nooch!!


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